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Tris, the new social browser and leader in search and chat, is offering
pre-sale of Keywords for life - one payment

Latest Developments

Tris has been selected as a finalist in the Startup Pitch Contest at the South By Southwest Festival in March 2019. The festival is attended by over 150,000 people. Companies that were finalists in this competition have raised a combined total of 5.4 Billion Dollars, 16% have been acquired, and 71% have received funding as a result.

What is TrisWhat is Tris

Tris is the revolution of the Internet. Tris is a social browser that allows you to chat with people that are on the same web page as you or searching the same keyword as you.

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What is an IKOWhat is an IKO

Our Initial Keyword Offering, allows you to buy one keyword and own it for life. Every time someone searches that keyword in our browser your result will come up first.

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Tris is the future

Here are some key stats on how valuable Tris is!

Multiple Patents

Tris and IKO is trademarked and we have multiple patents pending

Over 45 m. searches

Tris has already handled over 45 million searches

Users Worldwide

Tris has been used in over ninety Countries

Secured by Chromium

Tris is a Browser built on Chromium for easy migration, and we are also working on a second version

Search software developed by the Tris Team has already handled over 1 Billion searches.

Tris did a limited test via desktop extension and was a Google Chrome editors top pick

Tris developed a Micro Tipping platform that adds a financial layer to our browser

Tris is faster than most browsers and for the first time supports communication online via voice notes

Tris is mobile focused and search on mobile surpassed desktop

Tris allows tipping users for content and supports rewarding for helpful information

Tris allows you to have multiple identities on our system and you can use different identities for business and social

Tris is Anonymous and secure and allows for real free speech

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Сheck for keyword availability and submit offer

How does this work?

You can own the # 1 spot on our browser for any keyword you like. Just pick the keyword that you want and submit an offer you would be willing to pay to own this keyword. The amount you bid should reflect the amount of traffic the keyword gets. You should also take into account the Cost Per Click that keyword gets on Google. Owning this keyword allows you to own this spot for yourself, resell this keyword to someone else, or even set up your own Per Click advertising revenue stream.

IKO Presale

Earn passive income

We are working on a platform that will allow you to charge others per click for the keywords you own just like Google

Our marketing plan!

Our plan is to be the default browser in millions of phones. Here is how we plan on getting there

Manage Your Online Reputation

Users have been joining Tris because of our “Claim Name” feature. To secure your online reputation you must become admin of the room that corresponds to your FIRST LAST name. This gives you the ability to delete messages. You can use these rooms as your own personal blog, post your resume, links to all your social media, or update your live stream links. Only if you claim your name can you delete messages.

Imagine if anyone can write anything about you that's searchable?

Wouldn't you want to have that control to remove it?


U.S. Local Mobile Search vs Deskop

Claim your business

We think everyone with a website will join because of our “Claim Business feature” It is similar to claim name. We have updated all search results in our browser with a link that says “Discuss This Site”.
Businesses can sign up and get access to special features. This includes the ability to add pinned announcements such as, special discounts, coupon codes, and last minute changes to business hours. Users can interact directly with a business and receive answers faster than traditional methods. With a social browser, businesses can reach out directly to a customer that has a complaint via one on one messaging to try to resolve complaints. They can also get instant feedback from users that are browsing their site.

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Tipping for good content

On our browser we don't just support thumbs up and thumbs down for comments, and helpful information. Our Micro tipping platform allows for tipping as little as a penny. We support bitcoin for tipping as well as credit cards in our app, and we also accept bitcoin for the IKO. Now any site that you have posted info in the past can collect tips, including Wikipedia, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Youtube, StackExchange, Quora, medical sites, all you have to do is login and your accounts will be automatically linked to collect tips.

Start tipping

Gaming database

Create chats about any “username” on any gaming site. Use these rooms to post links to your high scores, or even links to your twitch to get more people to watch you.

Telephone number database

You can post information about harassing calls or spam.

Refer your friends to buy
keywords and get a percentage.

Your commissions are safe, and its automatic. You will get an automated email if anyone visits the page and get 35% of all offers.

More about our app

Our New MicroTipping Platform takes the community to a whole new level!

How many times have you read a Yelp review or a Wikipedia article or a TripAdvisor review and wanted to thank them for the Information?

With Tris Tipping, every Yahoo Answer , every stack exchange answer, every Quora becomes an event that you can thank them in the form of money with as little as pennies in the form of gratitude.

You can now connect all your accounts in our browser by simply logging in, and if someone finds anything you have shared on any site anywhere on the web userful, they can send you some money as a thank you. Including videos, funny comments, and jokes, all of these become events with micro-tipping enabled.

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Every part of this IKO is done legally, and every part of Tris is handled by legal and accounting. Our Law firm and agreements are handled by Stradling. Our Patents have been written and submitted by Foley & Lardner Our partner program and bookkeeping is being audited and maintained by Manela & Co. Beverly Hills (Other Corporate Setups have been done by Perkins Coie )
Tris is a browser. Tris is the only one in the world that supports Social Search. Users will search in one of four places;
1. The home page,
2. The search page
3. The App start page
4. Via the address bar in the browser.
The search results are Google and we are not recreating search. Nothing changes for the user. We only push down Googles results to show your ad before Google’s.
In certain circumstances with fortune 500 Companies we are offering in addition to the # 1 spot in search results, the ability to automatically convert the keyword anyone types anywhere in our chats to a link. In addition we will offer them the ability to be admin of the chat room to make announcements and additional admin privileges. Please contact us directly for a private deal.
We are open to bulk purchases but will do them on a case by case basis, please contact us directly to make a bulk offer.
Obviously as the word gets out, more and more keywords will be purchased and the competitive keywords will be gone so we urge you to put in offers immediately, however if more than one offer for same keyword is received, we will create a private auction between the buyers someone will contact you with more details.
Everyone knows everyone that spends money on Adwords, everyone knows people that would love to own their own businesses keyword, with our partner program you get 20% of the amount offered.
Our program is audited. We also automated the entire process so you will get a special link to send to your friends and to post on social media. If anyone clicks on that link your partner code is embedded and as soon as they make an offer you will get an instant email with the amount of offer and the persons name that made the offer. If the offer is accepted you will get an email as well and we will contact you to set up payment of your commission. You can test out our system by putting in an offer of $1( the offer won't be accepted but you will get the email instantly.)
In most cases we try to get back to you within 48 hours if things are getting backed up we will send out emails with updates.
Up to ten thousand dollars we charge cards, more than that we will contact you to set up alternate payment methods. If you would like to wire the money, select bitcoin as payment and when we contact you please let us know how you would like to pay
Yes it is. If we accept it you will get a signed agreement with the keyword as well as a certificate of ownership. You offer is binding however if you would like to retract your offer then please email us and once we confirm receipt we will remove the offer.
In the contract it covers for such a scenario and if someone purchases the company your keywords will have to bought out at the rate of 250% the amount you paid. This is unrelated to any revenue you may have made on our platform.
Only in the fact that we accept bitcoin. Over eight hundred ICOs have been launched with most barely nothing more than an idea. We are not just live, but we also have deals and a roadmap to get us to hopefully billions of users. It is like every other major advancement in technology, the ones that have vision, intuition, foresight, and creativity can take advantage.
Prior to going down the road of developing a highly complex Android and iOS device, the people behind Tris developed search solution software that has to date handled over 1 Billion searches! One of these solutions is the popular Tris browser extension. The extension on it's own handled 20 million searches and confirmed to us that the consumer loves the concept of search and chat, especially when given the option to be anonymous. We have experience in both the marketing aspect and the technical aspect to ensure that this project is a complete success.